Heatherton Pre-school



The Early Years Framework

All children are different and need to be treated as individuals and this is reflected in our planning which has been praised by Ofsted.

Ofsted have said that:


'Systems for assessment and planning are in place to ensure activities and learning experiences fully support children's interests and the next steps in their learning.'


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) for all children and plan for the learning intentions that lead towards the early learning goals. The EYFS provides guidelines about children's development and what it is that children should be expected to achieve by the end of their reception year in school.


We plan activities and experiences to help children progress through learning intentions set out in the EYFS. This will enable your child to be well on their way to achieving the expected goals, therefore giving them the best possible chance within school.


The EYFS is divided into seven main areas of learning, which are:


                                                Prime Areas                                                                     Specific Areas

                 Personal, social and emotional development                                               Literacy

                            Communication and Language                                                         Mathematics

                                  Physical Development                                                       Understanding the world

                                                                                                                                 Expressive arts and design


All children are entitled to the best start in life. Nurturing in an early years environment can enhance the childrens future educational experience. Heatherton Preschool is committed to ensure that the outcomes for well being are met in relation to the education and welfare of children.


The Preschool arranges outingsand visits places of interest. You will always be informed of any trips in good time and will be asked to sign a consent form if you wish your child to go, parents are also invited to attend all trips


Our recent Ofsted report stated that:

Staff and parents communicate daily and talk about children's learning, both in the setting and at home.

Good range of activities and resources.

Staff are knowledgeable about each child's stage of development.

Children's behaviour is consistently good.